Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ Holly ~

If you've read "About Me" on my sidebar, then you've read we have a "warm and fuzzy friend named Holly". She is my trusty companion throughout the day. (She is lying right behind me as I write this). Holly came to live with us almost 2 1/2 years ago. It was my youngest who really pushed us into the decision. She researched online after we talked a little about what kind of dogs we liked. Mr. Decor and I had a sweet black lab named Alex, as our first child shortly after we were married back in the day. We have an affection for labs so that seemed the obvious choice. Seeing that we had already had a black male lab made our decision easy. Colorwise and gender wise we wished for the opposite. And so, my sweet girl set about to find a cute, warm, fuzzy friend who was also blonde and female. In no time at all the search engine pointed her to a new litter of 6 week old puppies that were ready for a new home!
All of this seems like a nice story of a nice family looking to add yet another body to our house of six, but what was really driving my sweet girl to find a pup for us was her ABSOLUTE FEAR OF DOGS! I kid you not! If a dog came within fifteen yards of her, she would start shaking. She had an uncanny knack to know when a dog was in the area and then grab my arm to hold me back as if we were about to get attacked! I have no idea why this started. She had never been attacked by a dog and had no reason to be afraid. This behavior went on from the time she was a little girl until she reached double digits. It interferred with certain aspects of her life like going to a friends house. She would say to me, "what if they have a dog?" She had to plan around these things and I'm pretty sure she didn't get invites because some families saw it as inconveinent to put their animal away while she was there. In order for her to get past her fear, she thought if she owned a dog it would help her get over it.
So, after seeing the litter of cuteness on the web, she announced that the breeder lived only 35 minutes from us. Mr. Decor and I exchanged glances and went back to what we were doing at the time. We knew what was ahead if we gave in and I'm talking about the training, house breaking and vacuuming  tumbleweeds of fur that would take up my day. Two days later, on a Saturday morning while sitting at the computer she announced that the puppies were still there. "Pleeease"? was all she said as I peered at them on the monitor. Mr. Decor, looked at me and said, "you better make up your mind if we're driving there this afternoon". With that, I went upstairs to get a towel to bring in the car. I don't know why I got the towel, but I did and we set off with our youngest man child for the 35 minute drive. Sweet girl stayed home. She was too afraid to even pick out a puppy!
When we arrived, the breeder lead us into a barn and through a door where six golden lab puppies lay in a big whelping box.  I knelt down in the box with the puppies. I didn't know where to begin as my inner child was present and I couldn't focus on just one. Even the man child asked how we were suppose to pick out just one. Mr. Decor took no time at all scanning the puppies and reached past me and picked up a warm and fuzzy female. I remember asking when the pups were born and the breeder said Christmas Day. And that was the end of it. Before I knew it, I was writing a check and we walked out to the car holding our newest family member. The youngest man child held the pup in his lap for the ride home. We tried thinking of names, but none seemed just right until I asked the oldest man child when we got home. "We need to find a name. She was born on Christmas day and she's a girl" I said. He quickly replied, "Holly."  Holly it was!
So, that is the story of how our warm and fuzzy friend joined our family. The vacuum gets regular use and there are still marks on the edge of the stairs where she chewed. Tending to a growing pup is a lot of work and was like having a newborn. Getting up in the middle of the night to go outside was not unlike the newborn stage of my babies diaper changing at 2 a.m. We've gone through chewed slippers and socks and even car keys that cost us almost a grand to replace because of the little chip it contained, but we couldn't imagine life without her...well...almost! What is it about labs and socks anyway?
Oh and to answer your question... sweet girl is over her fear of dogs!

Holly's first day home

Getting a little bigger

 and bigger...

she could be found investigating a milk carton...

or sleeping under a table

...or constructing her own doggy door. (she stuck her head through the screen)

...or playing in a mud puddle...

But the best thing she's done is teach a sweet girl there's nothing to be afraid of!!

Have a great day!


  1. What a great story, and so glad to hear that your daughter is over her fear of dogs. I honestly could not imagine life without a dog. I have strays outside, and of coarse you can go to Sophie's picture on my blog and click on it to read about her. I cringe at the thought of me trying to give her away when I first found her because I truly cannot imagine life without her in it!

  2. I loved this story! My daughter is in love with "labadors" and we have been researching breeders in our area! Holly is a gorgeous dog and your daughter looks so happy with her- what a great picture!


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