Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Everything Old is New Again

From casual to dressy, Frye boots were the epitome of mid-1970's style. I received a pair like these my junior year of high school and I wore them with everything.
I paired them with my mid calf navy blue skirt that I passed off as my school uniform, back in 1976. On Friday night's I wore them with black wool gaucho's for a dressy look or a pair of Levi corduroy's for a more casual, going to the movies look. It didn't matter what I wore with them. They went with everything. They were all the rage. They were "in" and everyone had a pair.

I wasn't careful with them as you might expect from any sixteen year old. I wore them in the rain and the snow, only occasionally cleaning them with saddle soap.

They were beat up and worn in and they looked great!

They followed me to college and I continued wearing them with anything and everything. Long Indian skirts, peasant tops, blazers. You name it, they looked great and were as versatile as a good pair of jeans. Just like the advertisement proclaimed, there wasn't anything you couldn't wear them with.

A few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see them make a come back in the department stores and nostalgia grabbed a hold of me and had me yearning for another pair! I wished, as I ran my fingers over the smooth leather,  I had held onto the pair I had loved so much!

Oh, I might have mentioned to my teenage daughters while we were out shopping, how I had a pair when I was their age and how I would love to have another pair. But you know teenagers. They NEVER listen! So why would I ever suspect that my wish would come true? I mean, I did admire one particular pair in their presence...several times, but, it just seemed out of the question and surely they had forgotten.

About a month ago I had a nice birthday dinner with my family complete with birthday cake, flowers and a card. Inside the card I found a gift card from Nordstrom to purchase the boots I had admired!

The Melissa Button Boot in cognac from Frye!

Frye 'Melissa Button' Boot

Hello gorgeous! Needless to say, I made a trip to Nordstrom my priority! I was giddy with excitement as I waited for the sales clerk to bring the familiar box containing my dream boots to me.
The leather and workmanship on these is superb and the fit is just how I remembered. I had read from some reviews to order a half size up because they were hard to get into, but after trying on two different sizes, I decided the best fit was my regular size. They were a tad snug and stiff at first, but after wearing them a little while, they softened right up and were very comfortable. I love the color and the little bit of western style. I wore them non-stop over the weekend with my jeans tucked in and last night to a birthday dinner with a just-above-the-knee length skirt.

Classics never go out of style and Frye surely is a classic. It has been around since 1863 when John Frye opened his first store in Marlboro, Massachusetts. For generations, the Frye family has been crafting new styles and updating machinery to create a better boot. Their mission, "to make the best-looking, hardest-working, longest-lasting shoes and leather goods," hasn't changed in over 150 years.

True to Frye fashion I can wear these with everything, just like I did "back in the day"!


  1. Frye does make some great boots. I had some when I was much younger, too. Love the ones you got.

  2. Hi Kathleen,

    What a great birthday gift! Love them...you will wear them with everything! I'm sure of it!!!
    All the Best,


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