Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Blog Love!

I am thrilled to have received my very first blogger award from Heather of
Inspire Me Heather! Thanks so much for passing this on to me!

The rules for this award are:
  • Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Send it to 15 other bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!
7 things about me:
I was born and raised in NYC
I am the baby in my family
I have moved 8 times
I love anything sweet and am guilty of eating a brownie for breakfast
I know what it's like to have amnesia, I just can't remember it!
My 6th grade gym teacher had me show the 8th grade boys how to do pull-ups
I was on a date when a shot was fired into the restaurant and the bullet hit the leg of my chair

The 15 blogs I am awarding are:
The Comforts of Home
Simcoe Street
The Dedicated House

Please go and visit these wonderful blogs!

Thanks again, Heather!


  1. Thank you so much for the award. It was great learning more about you....

  2. First of all ... thank you so much for thinking of me, Heather! And, second of all ... wow, thank God you weren't hurt when a bullet hit the chair you were sitting in ... that's incredible! *Becca* (new follower)

  3. Thank you SO much for nominating me for this award. I'd like to thank.......just kidding! Ha! I was just given this award by 2 other bloggers too, so I guess I better get busy and post about it. I'm the baby of the family too. It's fun to get to read the 7 things about you. I'll get right on this. Congrats to you on getting this award too!

  4. Hello Kathleen! Nice to get to know you here and your blog is lovely, keep on posting!

  5. Just found your blog and so happy I did! You are one lucky person...dodging the bullet like that. I can only imagine how frightening it must have been. I LOVE NYC! Love to visit there around Christmas time.

    I'm a new follower and look forward to getting to know you. Stop by and say hi when you can!


  6. Alrighty, you are too sweet! Thanks for the award! Loved reading a little bit about you. Crazy about the bullet!! So glad you weren't hurt. Was the rest of the date a success? Just wow! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  7. P.S. I forgot to mention I have a giveaway right now. :-)

  8. Thanks so much for thinking of me -- such an honour! I'm really flattered.

    Loved reading more about you too -- but crazy about the bullet, eek!



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