Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paint Samples and Chalk Paint

I've realized you cannot read blogs and not get sucked into the latest trend. After seeing so many beautiful transformations using chalk paint, it finally hit me how I could use all those sample cans sitting in my garage! Many bloggers have posted results using a homemade version of chalk paint, so I thought I would give it a try. After a little research, I set off to Home Depot for a box of this

I already had everything else I would need

I had so many samples of virtually the same color! Do you do that? Buy samples of a color thinking it is so different than the one you bought before only to realize after creating a sample board that there is only the slightest difference? Apparently I do! All of these cans were a variation of light blue. The light bulb moment was when I realized I could recycle them and create a custom color! So, I poured them all in a container like so

to create this
I added the non sanded grout

and began to mix
It was pretty thick, so I added some water to thin it out. My advice is to start with less grout and add more if you need to. I can see why it covers so well.
I had a few empty frames that I knew I could also recycle and so I began painting!
The frame I was excited to use was this one. I knew the gold would be perfect for the distressed look I was going for.
After painting and sanding with 220 grit sandpaper and adding a dark wax it looked like this.
Exactly what I was envisioning! I love the shabby chippy surface with the gold rub through! It was so easy to do!

The finished product!
Here is a shot with a smooth frame I had painted but without sanding and waxing so you can see the slight difference in color.
 The dark wax changes the color a bit. Something to consider if you are going to use a wax. A neutral uncolored wax might not alter the color but is a necessary step if you are doing a furniture piece and don't want it to scratch. I found the paint to scratch off easily before I added the wax.
The color was perfect for this room
I am so glad I was able to use all those samples! I have a ton more and now I know what to do with them!
 Thanks for the inspiration friends!

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  1. Thanks to you for the demonstration. What a good idea to use your samples. Even if you had to buy the samples you would still be saving money. I just talked to a friend yesterday that used the real chalk paint and did not like the dark wax. Did you have to buy a special brush for the wax? Thanks for the info. I m ready to try it. Love how the frame cam out.

    1. Hi Debby! The wax I used was Liberon Black Bison in Medium Oak. It comes in different colors including clear. I used a small children's paintbrush by Crayola to apply the wax and buffed it using a soft shoe polish cloth. Worked like a charm! (Speaking of shoe polish, I have heard using actual wax shoe polish works also!)You can actually see it in the picture where I compare the two frames. If you look closely, you can see some dark areas right above the gold beading. Thankyou for visiting!

  2. Great idea! Your frames look so pretty.

  3. Your frames looks so pretty! I can't wait to try the homemade chalk paint :o)

  4. Great job!! The framrs came out great.


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