Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Color of March...

Back in October I titled a post, The Color Of October and posted a lot of pictures of orange things from doors to flowers. To me the color orange was very representative of the Autumn season in the changing of the leaves and Halloween.  In February I did a post called Red. It occurred to me that I could easily do one for every  month as I think every month has a signature color. For fun, I will post a color of the month every month! There is no time like the present so,
The color for March is...


Let's start with my front door. I whipped this up last night when I should have been cooking dinner, but, once I started, there was no stopping me!

I saw the Deco Mesh in Joanne's yesterday and I already had the shamrock so I thought this would be perfect for the upcoming of the "Wearin' of The Green". It didn't take long to put together and the green and white against the black door is striking!

The shiny shamrock is a good clue to the holiday we are celebrating!

The ribbon lets you know exactly WHEN we are celebrating!

This was so much fun to put together!


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