Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ghost's and Goblin's BEWARE!

In a little over an hour this nice neighborhood will transform into a party for the spirits... and I am ready! It is cold and damp with a fine mist in the air. It couldn't be more perfect!
Happy Halloween!

To see my how my porch was decorated for Holloween last year click here

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  1. Trick or treat night here in my Ohio town. We never have it on the actual day so this year is different. Have fun.

  2. I LOVE that it's on the actual day. Happy Halloween! Enjoy!

  3. Your home is decked out so pretty for fall , Kathleen. I know everyone who came to your door was smiling and excited..

    We havent had an T n T'ers in several years. Its cold and cloudy here in NC, so me and my furbabies are snuggles up by the fireplce, cozy and warm.. I had to grocery shop this morning and when I came in the house felt to good.

    Thanks so much for visiting me, commenting, and becoming a follower so I could come here and follow you back..

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I love the fall decorations!! You did a good job and I am absolutely delighted to see you back!! I've been missing you!


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