Monday, March 25, 2013

Easy Google Reader Switch to Bloglovin'

If you use Google Reader to manage your blog reading, then you saw the message pop up on your Reader screen that Google Reader won't be available after July 1st! What's happening Google?

Usually I put things like that on the back burner and forget about them until it's too late. Not this time! Bloglovin' makes it so easy to import Google Reader into their system they even have a message directed toward Google Reader users that says:

Google Reader users: You can import all your blogs after you've signed up. Learn more

I simply created an account with Bloglovin' and clicked on the "import from Google Reader" button and it was done in lickety split fashion! My kind of serice. Fast and conveinient! So, if you are still undecided about what reader to use, I highly reccommend Bloglovin'! They will do all the work for you.

Click here to get started and follow Decor Amore on Bloglovin'!

Happy reading!

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