Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter's On Its Way...

Happy Easter weekend everyone! Another Holiday weekend is upon us! This is the very first Easter or Holiday, for that matter that Mr. Decor and I are alone! A milestone for sure! I woke up one morning this week feeling a little sad and not knowing why. I figured it out when I thought about it a little later while out shopping. We have four kids and next year we will be sending our youngest to college and will officially be "empty-nester's"! THAT, my friends is a double edge sword! While there IS a certain selfish part that see's a future of freedom and travel and NOT having to do for others 24/7, thre is definitely the OTHER side that doesn't know what to do with all the time. Well, I couldn't imagine being alone and having nothing to do, so we are hopping in the car at 5 am to drive to Baltimore to watch our college freshman's lacrosse game!. I expect there will be other lonely parent's there as well. We can bond at the hotel bar!

I did have fun putting together a few spring and Easter vignette's.

Putting a little shine on the silver always looks festive, especially paired with shiny metallic Easter eggs!

 The small ivy plant and beautiful pink canna I picked up at Ikea a few weeks ago! They're still alive!

I may or may not have been cheering myself up when I spotted these beauties at Costco this week! How could I resist?

Enjoy the weekend my friends! Hoppy Easter :)


  1. Love your sweet little white your vignette with the large moss ball and that fab champagne the shiney with the moss

  2. Such a lovely vignette and table setting. I love the use of the silver, so pretty. I hope you have a very Blessed and Happy Easter. Hugs, Marty


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