Friday, April 12, 2013

A Trip to Ikea and a Confession

Happy Friday friends!

I have a small confession to make. When I woke up this morning I was convinced it was Wednesday! Wednesday!!?? I could see maybe thinking it was Thursday, but Wednesday? I was a whole two days off and I have the trash to thank.

You see, when I looked out the window this morning, I saw all my neighbors had dutifully placed their trash and recycling buckets at the end of their driveways...and mine was empty.

Another confession ... I thought maybe they knew something I didn't. Like they had received a special note that the trash was coming two days early this week ... and my note must've blown away. Surely I didn't miss a holiday last week, because sometimes during a holiday week like Christmas or New Year's the trash pick-up is off by a day. Easter was recently, but since that always falls on a Sunday, trash pick-up isn't affected because our trash always comes on FRIDAY!

So there you have it! My mixed up, early morning brain fog in action!

Want to know another confession?

Last night I had a fleeting moment where I thought, " the trash goes out tonight". You know, so I wouldn't forget!! UGH!

Do you do that? Think yes and then no and then realize you were right to begin with? Do you? Because if you do, it would make me feel so much better ...about forgetting.

But what I didn't forget, was my recent trip to Ikea.

It had been quite a while since I had been there. There were so many things that caught my eye that I would love to share with you ... and so many things I wanted to bring home with me. As usual, I got overwhelmed thinking about where I could use this or that. I mean really ... I would've needed a truck to haul every item home I thought was cute and might have a purpose in my home. But alas, the only thing that made it home was some coffee, plants and two pillow covers I found in the clearance bin. (The coffee wasn't in the clearance bin ...just the pillow covers).

This buffalo check in taupe had my mind going in a million different direction! Ways I would use it? Beautiful lined drapes for the master bedroom or family room, bedskirt, euro pillows or upholstery on an accent chair or dining room chairs.


Hard to get a good shot of the color, but this comes close. Think coffee with cream. Very pretty!

small check, gray

Hard to tell in the pic, but the floral paired so well with the small check. Both would be great in a bedroom using the floral on a duvet and the small check on a bedskirt and accent pillows.

I must have been on a check craze because this next one also had me at hello. It is an area rug in taupe. My mind immediately thought beach house!

Millinge 6X7 $79.99 (also comes in black)

I couldn't get over the price of these cowhides! They came in all different patterns and colors.

Loved this one too! Especially the price. A natural rug adds great texture to any room.
TARNBY RUG 6'7" X 9'10"  $149.00

I could decorate a whole house in one visit to Ikea! Good thing it's a two hour drive!

After all that snaking through the store following the arrows, all I came home with was a block of coffee, two  Spring plants, ( that I showed you in this post ) and these...
Zippered AND reversible!  $5.00 
I must have had Holloween on the brain! October will be here before I know it!

Do you have any favorite Ikea finds?

P.S. Today is Friday :)


  1. I do it all the time. I have to ask my husband. It seems like the weeks fly by so fa. There could be alot worses to goof up. I'd love to take a trip to Ikea. We live a couple hours from one. I haven't been there yet. I have been to the one in Colorado with my daughter......but not much fits in a suitcase.

    1. Good to know I have compny! Next time I go to Ikea I'll drive a truck! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. My Ikea is about 2 hours away also, so I rarely get there. I love all the check fabric, I am on a real check kick too. Yes, I forget what day it is all the time. I finally put a calendar right on top of my jewelry box, and I see it every day, so I finally know what day it is. lol Great post. Hugs, Marty

    1. What is really funny (and embarrassing) is that I couldn't figure out WHY all my neighbor's had their garbage out on Wednesday!!! In my own defense, this was all before coffee! Have a greeat weekend Marty!


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