Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Every May I look forward to the blooming of the lilac bushes. Through open windows its perfumed scent finds its way into my home letting me know of Spring's arrival! 

This is the monster lilac bush by the garage and side door. Every year after it blooms and the flowers fade I give it a nice haircut. However, you would never know it looking at the picture. It is at least 5 1/2 feet tall! I can smell its sweet aroma as soon as I open the door inside the garage that leads into the mudroom! 

This next picture is funny. As I was taking the picture, a bee was swarming around me and I quickly snapped the picture trying to avoid any mishaps with the bee.

I guess I didn't avoid the bee entirely! Yikes!

We bought the house during the month of January when there were no leaves on the trees or bushes. I had no idea what kinds of bushes were in the yard.
Imagine my sweet surprise come May!

There is more than enough for creating bouquets.

So pretty in a simple white pitcher.

What's not to love about Spring?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It Wouldn't be Mother's Day without my Kids!

Hello friends! Finally back after a looong weekend of lacrosse and soccer games. As usual soccer on Saturday and a double header of soccer AND lacrosse on Mother's Day! I don't remember a Mother's Day without a sporting event!

To start my weekend, I was presented with a beautiful vase of red roses that Mr. Decor ran out to get Saturday knowing we would be very busy all day Sunday.

In other exciting news, my youngest man-child's college lacrosse team made it into the NCAA tournament and unbelievably the first game was played here against our hometown team! We were so excited to NOT have to travel for a change! Of course he had to stay with his team in a hotel about 20 minutes away, but he did have a few hours off and was able to come home Saturday night. He brought 2 of his team mates with him and they just chilled in the basement watching...what else...lacrosse!  So nice to see him even if it was for just a little bit! It was the perfect Mother's Day gift!

Proud mama moment! Here he is warming up before the game with his team.

After Sunday's lacrosse game I went directly to my youngest Sweet Girl's soccer banquet.

These girls will all be graduating from high school in the next few weeks and going on to play at the college level! So proud of all of their hard work over the past ten years! An accomplishment worthy of a special celebration !

After a very long day, I finally arrived home at 10:30 P.M. and plopped into bed!

To top off a very busy but fun weekend, as I was reading through all my favorite blogs Monday morning, I saw that this post was featured in Brenda's Tweak It Tuesday series on her blog Cozy Little House.
And this post ws featured on Marty's blog series Inspire Me Tuesday! Thanks ladies!
Trust me, it would be worth your while to visit these two wonderful blogs. Chock full of gorgeousness!

That was my weekend, happily centered around my kids, but I wouldn't be celebrating Mother's Day if it weren't for them! It's a win win!

So who had breakfast in bed?




Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{Mother's Day} Cinnamon Roll Waffles

I made myself an early Mother's Day breakfast treat this least that's my excuse...and I thought I should share it with you!

I first saw this months ago on...where else...Pinterest and have wanted to try them ever since!

Since it was a cool, rainy day today, it seemed like the perfect time to make these tasty treats and I just happened to have everything I needed: a waffle iron and a can of these...

Not one to waste any time, I got right to it! I was so excited I forgot to take pictures documenting ALL my steps, but I trust you know how to open a can of cinnamon rolls, right?
And plug in a waffle iron? Good. Then we can proceed...

Once the waffle iron is good and hot and you have separated the individual rolls, place them in each section of the hot iron. Mine has four sections.

Immediately you will hear the sizzle, see the steam, and smell the unmistakeable smell of sweet cinnamon!

Once the "ready" light comes on, the rolls...ahem!...the waffles are done!

The whole process takes less time than it does baking in the oven! 

This is before I drizzled on the vanilla icing. You can see the swirls of cinnamon!

The best part is the indentations hold all the icing, creating pools of sticky, sweet goodness! good!

Now, if I were you and had a waffle iron, I would head to the store this afternoon and buy a can or two or three of cinnamon rolls, store them in the fridge in clear view and innocently tell my family about this super easy recipe....
and maybe....just will wake up to a sweet breakfast treat on Sunday!
(oh ...and set the coffee maker the night before!)

Here's to all the wonderful Moms, past and present, who make every day in someone's life a little sweeter!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Southern Living Inspired Porch Planter Reveal

I am excited to share with you my version of The Southern Living Inspired Spring Container Garden I told you about last Friday!

I was hard at work Saturday, breaking my back, creating these lovely planters on my porch, but it was all worth it!

Check it out!

To refresh your memory, I used 1 Kimberly Queen Fern, 1 Hydrangea and 2 Sweet Potato Vine in each urn.

I am loving the combination of the green and bluish lavender!

In the end, I ended up adding two of the sweet potato vine instead of just one per planter like I had originally thought. It was needed to fill in an extra hole on the other side of the hydrangea. I also made  an adjustment from planting in a square container like in my inspiration photo to the taller urn. I like the height of the urn better.

I am so pleased with how they turned out!

I have lots more work to do on the porch, but this is a bright spot to keep me moving!

Friday, May 3, 2013

It Must Be May!

May is surely shaping up to be a great intro to the vintage/antique fair season! First event of the season for me, The Rural Society Antique and Garden Show in Mt. Vernon, OH. As expected, it was pure eye candy!

It started with a beautiful drive to the country.

Drives on a day like this make you want to open the windows and turn up the radio! 

After driving straight, I went 3/4 of the way around the town square and one left before hitting the gravel road. Seriously. This IS Ohio folks! 

There were so many great vendors. Some I had seen before at the Country Living Fair I attended here and here and others were new to me. The one thing they have in common is the art of display. 

Crazy how old, chippy frames can be so beautiful!

There were lots of fresh herbs, veggies and flowers. I was smitten with this Myrtle topiary. 

I especially loved the herbs planted in crates! 

Such a nice compact kitchen garden!

This glass container really made me think of the empty containers I have laying around. These terrariums make such a statement and look so fresh. 

The cloche of old baseballs would look great in  a boys room or as a great memory to days gone by.

This particular vendor had several cloches showcasing different items. 

For the painter/artist.

Or for the coastal home.

Beautiful giant clam shell and another topiary. Cute little benches too! Can I take a moment to say you can throw anything in an urn and it will look beautiful!

A vintage garden show wouldn't be complete without a dress form.

These jars were a steal at $3.00 each. They would look great with a votive hanging from a tree  or a patio umbrella for al fresco dining!

Loved this oil painting but it was a bit more than I was willing to spend.

I did come home with two silver plate oval candy dishes! I have plans for them and it involves a drill!
Wish me luck!

Hope you had a beautiful day!

Cheer's to the freakin' weekend!

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Southern Living Inspired Spring Container Garden

May usually has me planning and gathering gardening ideas for the two container's that flank my front door on my porch. When I ran across this picture on Design Indulgence. I knew what I was going to do this year!

This beautiful combo was at the 2012 Southern Living Idea House in Senoia, Georgia last year.

fern and hydrangea pretty summer planters
via Design Indulgence

I am absolutely head over heels in love with this combination! The colors are cool which is a welcome relief in the garden on a hot summer day. Don't you feel cooler just looking at it? The best part is it only involves three plants: 1 Kimberly Queen fern, 1 soft blue hydrangea and 1 lime green sweet potato vine. How can I mess that up? 

Well, guess what? The gardening gods were looking out for me yesterday when I spotted all three at my local Meijer supermarket. It was meant to be! I quickly placed them in my cart, along with a fresh bag of potting mix and headed to the checkout counter. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful they looked together in the cart. I didn't even bother picking up whatever else I needed. I had total tunnel vision! 

They are patiently waiting on my porch for me to clean the containers they will be planted in. I have the perfect containers to complete my copy-cat version :)

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Awakening

April showers bring May flowers.....Happy May Day!

Signs of Spring have certainly appeared and I am thrilled!

Come and talk a walk with me and see the treasures I found....

 After a long, chilly winter, the sun is shining and  the trees and flowers are blooming! Mother Nature has awakened from a long Winter's nap!

Robbins Egg Blue....the real thing.

This Tulip was a Spring surprise I found in front of my porch! 

This was NOT so much of a surprise...but still pretty and delicate.

I look forward every year to these blossoms on this Serviceberry tree.

Grape Hyanciths add such a bright spot in th garden. Every year I never know where they'll pop up thanks to the chipmonks!

Flowers aren't the only thing Spring brings...Spring also brings new LOVE! 

Youngest sweet girl and I went to visit her future college! (yea for decisions!) and found this beautiful surprise as we were ending our long and tired walk around campus when we spotted this mama and her 2 week old baby. This barn isn't too far from her dorm. It will be nice to see how big this foal has grown when we go back for move-in day in August!

Has Spring sprung in your neck of the woods?

For more Springtime inspiration click here, here and here.

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