Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It Wouldn't be Mother's Day without my Kids!

Hello friends! Finally back after a looong weekend of lacrosse and soccer games. As usual soccer on Saturday and a double header of soccer AND lacrosse on Mother's Day! I don't remember a Mother's Day without a sporting event!

To start my weekend, I was presented with a beautiful vase of red roses that Mr. Decor ran out to get Saturday knowing we would be very busy all day Sunday.

In other exciting news, my youngest man-child's college lacrosse team made it into the NCAA tournament and unbelievably the first game was played here against our hometown team! We were so excited to NOT have to travel for a change! Of course he had to stay with his team in a hotel about 20 minutes away, but he did have a few hours off and was able to come home Saturday night. He brought 2 of his team mates with him and they just chilled in the basement watching...what else...lacrosse!  So nice to see him even if it was for just a little bit! It was the perfect Mother's Day gift!

Proud mama moment! Here he is warming up before the game with his team.

After Sunday's lacrosse game I went directly to my youngest Sweet Girl's soccer banquet.

These girls will all be graduating from high school in the next few weeks and going on to play at the college level! So proud of all of their hard work over the past ten years! An accomplishment worthy of a special celebration !

After a very long day, I finally arrived home at 10:30 P.M. and plopped into bed!

To top off a very busy but fun weekend, as I was reading through all my favorite blogs Monday morning, I saw that this post was featured in Brenda's Tweak It Tuesday series on her blog Cozy Little House.
And this post ws featured on Marty's blog series Inspire Me Tuesday! Thanks ladies!
Trust me, it would be worth your while to visit these two wonderful blogs. Chock full of gorgeousness!

That was my weekend, happily centered around my kids, but I wouldn't be celebrating Mother's Day if it weren't for them! It's a win win!

So who had breakfast in bed?




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  1. Hi Kathleen,
    It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!


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