Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Every May I look forward to the blooming of the lilac bushes. Through open windows its perfumed scent finds its way into my home letting me know of Spring's arrival! 

This is the monster lilac bush by the garage and side door. Every year after it blooms and the flowers fade I give it a nice haircut. However, you would never know it looking at the picture. It is at least 5 1/2 feet tall! I can smell its sweet aroma as soon as I open the door inside the garage that leads into the mudroom! 

This next picture is funny. As I was taking the picture, a bee was swarming around me and I quickly snapped the picture trying to avoid any mishaps with the bee.

I guess I didn't avoid the bee entirely! Yikes!

We bought the house during the month of January when there were no leaves on the trees or bushes. I had no idea what kinds of bushes were in the yard.
Imagine my sweet surprise come May!

There is more than enough for creating bouquets.

So pretty in a simple white pitcher.

What's not to love about Spring?


  1. Your lilac bushes are just lovely! They are more compact than mine, do you prune them down in the Fall & Winter? That's cute about the bee there too, I think maybe you were disturbing his pollen gathering!

    1. I enjoy my lilacs every year! I prune them after the flowers have faded in the spring. I always thought you shouldn't prune too late so as to not cut off any buds that are forming.
      Isn't that wild about the bee? I didn't see it in the picture until I was editing, Ha!

  2. How lucky you are! We just planted a small lilac bush last week. I love lilacs. Yours are just beautiful!

  3. So pretty! I have a lantana that grows like that. Every year I cut it back almost to the ground & every year it grows to be as tall as me.


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