Friday, September 27, 2013

Fallin' For A New Fireplace Surround

Time flys around here!
Is it Fall again already? 
Well let me catch you up on a few things around here. 
I'm not one to plan a project. Rather, I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl! Let me explain. One day in June I got tired of looking at the ugly white 4x4 bathroom tile and the ugly shiny brass doors that surrounded the fireplace and decided to see what lurked underneath. 

Can you blame me? The reflection of all that brass and glass hurts my eyes! The thing I zeroed in on is that there is an explosion of squares not only in the tile surround but if you look closely, there are also beveled glass squares in the glass! Ugh! 

Holy squares Batman!

So, I went to the garage and came back in with a hammer, a putty knife and a screwdriver and loosened a piece of tile and off it chipped! Well, that was just the beginning. I whacked another piece off and before I knew it I had removed the top row of ugly tile! 

What I found made me very happy! Underneath was slate! I continued removing tile until it got too hard and frustrating and I left it in all it's messy glory. 'Cause that's how I am. Thankfully Mr. Decor finished the job! I was beyond thrilled that the slate was in good enough condition and I wondered why on earth someone would think that shiny white tile would look better? 

After some major scrubbing to remove the residual mortar that was used to apply the tile, I applied a stone sealer to the slate. It was like waving a magic wand! The sealer darkened the slate to a nice dark, rich black and helped to camouflage the scratches I had made while scrapping the tile with my putty knife :(

I present to you my new and improved fireplace surround! 

Mr. Decor and I made a trip to pick up new gas logs so we could enjoy this beautiful site on some chilly evenings this fall. This weekend seemed perfect! 

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend! It was quite chilly here and boy was I glad I had that fire! 

Wait till you see what else has kept me busy! Here's a hint!

Yes, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has finally made its way here and I am thrilled!

I'll be back to tell you all about it!

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