Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gilded Gourds For Fall

I'm a little embarrassed to tell you how long ago I bought the supplies to gild these gourds. Suffice it to say it was many moons ago...about the same time Country Living featured them. Matter of fact I bought the kit at the Country Living Fair ... 4 years ago!

Like most things around here it was stashed in the hall closet and forgotten. Not only do I have a junk drawer, I also have a junk CLOSET! In an effort to help clear the junk, I decided on a whim one day to FINALLY gild the gourds! 
I read and reread the directions and there were only 4 steps. I could definitely do this! 

Here are the gourds in their au naturel state.

First step was to paint the gourds in the chocolate brown paint. Check!

Second step was to paint the sticky size onto the dried painted gourds. Check!
This step I did not take a picture of for obvious reasons...the STICKY part! Do you know how hard it is to paint this stuff on with plastic gloves on?

Third and scary step was to apply the gold leaf over the sticky size. Check!
Again, hard to hold a camera with delicate gold leaf sheets that are more fragile than a newborn!

Fourth and final step was waxing the gourds. The wax helps protect the finish. I applied dark wax to age them a bit and give a little dimension. I love them! 

After all the procrastinating, I was able to knock this project out of the park in one day! What was I waiting for?


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