Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My New Addiction

I gave you a hint in this post about my new addiction. I'm coming clean with you folks! I am joining so many of you who also admitted your addiction to...Chalk Paint! Yes, FINALLY, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
 is available in my area and I went to my first workshop recently! Of course I LOVED IT! It was so easy to work with and I thought of a million things I could transform so easily.

Here are a few things we worked on in class

I couldn't wait to try this at home!

I left with a few purchases...a quart each of Old White and Paris Grey and a can of Clear Wax.

I had just the item to transform

I bought this a few years ago in TJ Maxx. It was nice, but it sure could use an update!

Loved all the detail work but it was looking a little dated.

I brushed on a coat of Paris Grey all over. Then came a coat of Old White that I immediately started to wipe off. It also started to take off the not completely dry Paris Grey on the raised areas.

I kept wiping until I was satisfied with the look.

Then I applied a coat of Clear Wax working it in with my brush and wiping it off as I went.

Next came a coat of Dark Wax and more wiping.

Every now and then I stood back to look at my work. I was loving what I saw!

There were layers and layers!

And the wax added a beautiful sheen

We all love before and afters, but this one really lit a fire!

There's no stopping me now!

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  1. Your mirror looks fabulous after it's makeover. It looks like it has a silver metallic paint too, was that from the original finish?


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