Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finding My Niche!

I gave you a little hint in this post what I was working on this past weekend and today I am ready for the reveal!

Remember, when I told you the hint was caning?

When I found this lonely little table, it was a mess! It looked as though it had been sitting in someone's garage for years. Dirty, dust covered and cobwebs everywhere. It's a wonder I even bothered but I'm so happy I did!

This picture is after I gave it a good cleaning, right before I started painting.
The finish on top was worn and peeling, so I decided to give it a quick sanding to get rid of all the peeling varnish. That and a wipe with mineral spirits was all the prep that was needed!

I wanted a slightly grayed white so I mixed up 1 part Paris Grey to 4 parts Old White.

Sort of a chalky white. Ha! No pun intended!

Above is after painting but before distressing and waxing. Outside it looks much whiter and brighter, but as a coat of clear wax tends to deepen the color a bit, the gray became more noticeable. Compared to real white, you can see the gray in it. Exactly what I was aiming for!

It kind of reminds me of the color of old plaster.

I am so happy with the way it turned out. I'm finding that deciding on what color to paint a piece can be challenging. Mixing colors is so easy and fun!  As long as you write down the recipe, you can always come back and mix up another batch. I paint a piece of scrap crown molding and write the recipe on the back. This way I have a visual reference too.

This table gave me some practice at painting cane. It's not difficult if you use a dry brush technique. You don't want to load your brush with a lot of wet paint! What I did was paint the flat surface around the cane and then go in and brush in a circular motion on the cane. Let it dry and repeat!

Oh and I always begin painting with the piece upside down so I don't miss any spots!

 A little distressing here and there and a coat of clear wax and you're done!

I am enjoying the process so much I have signed up for the Chalk Paint ® 102 workshop at my local stockist.

I'm really starting to think I found my calling!

Have a good day!

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