Friday, December 13, 2013

New Finds New Inspiration

So excited for tomorrow! I will be going to the Chalk Paint® 102 workshop tomorrow night at my local stockist, Edwin Loy Home! It will be nice to take a break from all the holiday craziness and focus my brain on something new! Oh and it doesn't hurt that there is a 40% off Christmas sale going on in the shop! I'll try to be good and remind myself I am there to learn and paint NOT shop!

....I'll let you know how it goes :)

In this class we will learn how to gild and stencil over a textured surface, use Craqueleur and create a wash effect! Can't wait to get started because I brought this baby home with me last week from Goodwill!

I'm telling you, good things to be had at Goodwill! I am a total convert!

I'm trying to decide how to paint this little dresser. French Linen? Coco? Or a bright fun color like Provence? I'd love to hear your thoughts! My brain needs a refresh.

To add to my newly aquired hoarding tendencies, I picked up another piece that is still taking up space in my trunk...a Drexel desk! What??? Yep, a cute little curvy desk with all working parts. Well, most of them. It is missing a small detail...a decorative piece that is attached to the bottom leg. If I can find someone with a jig saw to cut out an identical piece, I'm in business! I mean, there ARE three other's that can be used as a template! At least that is the conversation I had in my head as I stood there in Goodwill staring at the lovely desk! Pretty sure Ana White might have started this way! Maybe using a jigsaw is in my future?

Once I decide on a fabric, this chair will be next in line at The Spa too!

She could use a little pampering, don't you think?

One of the great things about knowing you will be painting with Chalk Paint is that it is alright for the furniture in question to have a some wear and tear, scrathes, dings and dents.  As long as it doesn't have big gouges in the wood, (unless that is the look you like), and missing pieces that can't be replaced and will affect the funtion of the piece, I will usually take it home.

So that's it my friends! Furthering my education to transform more Goodwill beauties!

Check back later and see what I'm up to next!

I might be gilding everything in sight!


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