Sunday, December 8, 2013

Revamping Resin Candlesticks With Chalk Paint®

The bug to revamp something with either paint or by moving furniture always seems to hit at the oddest times! Does it happen to you?

I was watching TV the other night and  looked up and saw the dark oil rubbed bronze candlesticks perched on top of the media armoire begging for a face lift! So, right then and there I jumped up and grabbed all three and headed straight to the kitchen island (aka my workbench)!

After laying some newspaper, I marched into my storage shed (aka the mudroom) and grabbed a couple cans of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.

This all happened beginning at 8:30 PM! My impulsivity had kicked into gear!

I was so focused on the task at hand I almost forgot to get a before picture. This will have to do. At least one of the candlesticks isn't covered in paint yet. (The tall guy all the way to the right.) You get an idea of how dark they were.

Keep in mind I was working on impulse. No plan, nothing in mind, nada. Creatives tend to do that.
Anyway, I started with a coat of French Linen. Next came the Duck Egg. I painted willy-nilly here and there. Remember, no plan.

Then came a custom color I used when I painted this table. But this time I used it as more of a wash. Barely dipping my brush into the paint...again using a slap dash technique.

Then, using a damp rag, I started wiping away some of the paint. In some places wiping back to the original dark bronze finish. Things were really starting to take shape. Perhaps I didn't need a plan?

I discovered that a mixture of French Linen and Duck Egg creates the most beautiful green verdigris shade!

It was getting late, so I let everything dry overnight, not really convinced it was finished.

In the morning, after placing them on my coffee table with the candles I assessed again and decided as much as I loved them, they were too blue-green. Something was off so once more the paint came out. This time I created a wash with Coco and it was exactly what it needed to tone down all the blue-green. It gave it an even nicer old worn look.

Finally, I was convinced they were done!

Next to my rusty crown of vintage glass ornaments they were at home!

Isn't it interesting where a creative project will take you?

Gently nudging you letting you "know" when it's done.

I'm so happy with the way they turned out. I must say all this painting is taking my room in a new direction!

But, with all the Fa-la-la-ing going on, it was only fair to dress them up a little...


Pssst! I think the table is next!

What color would you choose?


  1. Great pictures! I have to try this, very soon. It's time to get back to my creative side, you've inspired me, thank you!


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