Saturday, December 7, 2013

Walking Through a Winter Wonderland!

Hello all! Nothing adds to the Christmas spirit like a healthy dose of snow! Luckily I had hung the outside garland and placed the planters with all the lovely greenery in front of the porch just in time! A sprinkling of snow was just the recipe needed to launch me full speed into the holiday season!

Every year I do something a little different. This year I placed a wreath and a gazing ball on top of an urn. Super easy and fast decorating was my jump start to get my butt in gear for the rest of the decorating. You've got to start somewhere and just this little touch was all I needed!

A little icy sparkle made it even better!

 And then on top of the icy sparkle fell a layer of white fluff!

I'm going simple this year and decided to hang a trio of silver and gold wreaths on the front door. Silver and gold never go out of style. I especially love how it looks on the black door. So classic!

Amazing what you see as you are editing and posting pictures. Do you see what I see looking out at you in the lower left, 3rd pane up in the above photo? That's our sweet girl Holly! She got her name because she was born on Christmas day! She will be celebrating her 5th birthday this year! Hello Holly!

As you can see, the snow was falling. Picture perfect!

I placed my planters in their spot in front of the porch. A mixture of greens and red dogwood sticks pushed into the dirt.

A festive bow and a sprig of holly berry's is all they needed.

 Once that was done, it was time to go inside for a cup of Pumpkin Spice Chai latte! So good! Even better with a shot of Bushmill's whiskey added! Similar to an Irish Coffee but with a spicy kick! Sure to warm your bones!

Perfect timing!

Hope you all are snuggled in on this snowy but beautiful weekend!

Are you done with all your decorating or are you somewhere in the middle like me?


  1. Your wreaths on the door and gazing ball urn are beautiful! How fun that you are having snow.

    1. Thanks Penny! The pairing of the urn, a wreath and the gazing ball was an aha! moment that took less than 5 minutes and really got me going! Mother Nature added the finishing touch! Thanks for visiting!


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