Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Derby Time!

May is upon us and that only means one thing...The Kentucky Derby!

No Derby Party would be complete without women in beautiful hats and men in bow ties sipping Mint Juleps!

Here is a recipe for a classic Mint Julep for you to enjoy come Derby Day!

Are you hosting or attending a Derby party this year? Let me know in the comments section your favorite way to celebrate!


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Friday, April 18, 2014

Chalk Paint® On Metal

I've done a lot of painting using Chalk Paint on wood furniture lately so it was refreshing when a client requested that I paint a pair of heavy metal candle sconces she had. She was tired of the verdigris green finish they sported.

I suggested we leave the 90's behind and lighten them up a bit! She was excited at the prospect and gave me full creative license to do what I wanted with them! 

Chalk Paint is so versatile in that it can be used on just about any surface to create a one of a kind piece and in this case, with very little effort.

What I love most about painting over metal is what happens when you wipe the wet paint with a rag. The wet paint settles in the low spots and the rag removes the paint from any high spots, creating a beautifully aged finish.

The above is with one coat of slightly watered Old White. Once dry, I applied a coat of Paris Grey. Again, watered down a bit. I played around, going back and forth between the two colors, painting and wiping, letting a little of the original green show through until I was satisfied. 

Here is the before and after.

Lovely...don't you think?

The point being, don't limit yourself to painting just wood with this beautiful paint. 

The possibilities are endless!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mission Gallery Wall Complete!

A  few years ago, I had created a gallery wall in my family room that you can see here and here. I have always enjoyed it, but there were two empty spaces that I had trouble filling. I didn't know whether to add more pictures or did it need something else? I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I just ignored it!

Every time I looked at it, which was daily, I could hear the wall whisper, "Psst! Hey...YOU! Notice anything wrong with me? I'm not fully dressed!"

I even ignored the wall talking to me!

I'm pathetic!

For 2 years it has had two spots missing teeth.

Well two weeks ago, I remembered a star burst mirror I had bought at Target that originally had a dark brown finish that I transformed to an antique gold with a little Rub N Buff. I ran upstairs grabbed it and tried it out on the gallery wall. It fit perfectly and I liked it! For the other empty spot, I borrowed our family initial that was in the kitchen and voila! In less then 10 minutes I had finally finished the gallery wall! It only took me two years! I told you I was pathetic!

Here she is!!!

I also replaced the giant hurricane candle holders on either side with these lamps. I like it so much better!

The lamps add much needed light to this end of the room and it feels a little cozier when they are on.

It even forced me to remove the plaid wool blankets and plaid pillows I had in the basket under the table. Bring on Spring!

It feels good to check something off my list!

What have you been procrastinating with?

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring At The Front Door, Take Two!

About a month ago, in this post, I showed you my beautiful french wall basket stuffed with forsythia that I have hanging on my front door. We don't use the front door very much. Only to retrieve a package left by UPS. My oldest man child was home for a weekend visit and remarked that he thought a bird was building a nest in my forsythia so I decided to check it out!

Last Sunday, April 6th, this is what I found tucked inside...

Spring is definitely in the air!



I checked on the chicks after I had been out of town for Easter and this is what I saw:

Like all little birdies they had grown!

As of the writing of this update, 5/2/2014 they are...gone! Sad, but I'm so happy they made it safely and that I was able to provide them shelter and warmth until they were able to make it on their own.

Hope you enjoyed my little Spring nature piece!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Perfectly Painted Vintage Tables

Recently a client gave me two vintage tables to paint. They were in pretty good shape except for a lot of wear on their tops.

One table was for her guest room and the other for her basement TV room. Her basement is mainly in grays and browns and she wanted to add some color. I spied this large PB pillow on her couch that had a beautiful blue/green and brown design.

Pottery Barn

 We decided the blue/green would be perfect on the table! I mixed a 50/50 mixture of Provence and Duck Egg Blue. It complimented her pillow beautifully and added the much desired color to her basement. Here it is below. You can see a glimpse of the inspiration pillow on the couch above it.

A little detail of the white table. So pretty!

And here are the two tables completed.

The blue is my new favorite color! If you love Provence but want a toned down version, this is it!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back In Black!

Popping in with a quick hello and my latest project!

I was juggling a client project and my youngest daughter coming home for Spring break last week. Somehow I managed to satisfy both thanks to my motherly talents of time management! I've had lots of practice juggling schedules over the years!

After a few days of shopping and eating, I was able to get back on track and finish up painting my client's king size four poster bed and two nightstands.

My client settled on ASCP Graphite and she is thrilled with how they turned out. What's even better is her husband loves them just as much. I think he was a little skeptical. You know, the whole painting wood thing, but once he saw them last night, he was happy. Of course my client and I set the bed back up in their bedroom to ease into the transition. When he came home, the bed and nightstands were already in place and looking fabulous!

I get so excited when I begin painting, I sometimes forget to take before pics and that is the case here. Sorry. I did however remember just as I started painting the nightstands. The set was Thomasville in a cherry finish. We've all seen that. Twenty plus years of use and it was time for a new look.

Here is a pic of the nightstand. Its upside down because that's how I usually begin painting.

You can see I had already started in with the Graphite when I remembered to take a pic. Oops!

 Nice traditional cherry furniture. Well made, but looking a little tired and in need of a change.

Here is the headboard. I painted it in her garage on a chilly day. Can't wait for Spring! Oh, wait a minute! It IS Spring!

This is before applying the dark wax. On its own, it is a beautiful charcoal color!

A beautiful dark gray.At times it looked blue as I was painting.

And here is the night stand after applying the dark wax. I don't bother with clear wax first when waxing over graphite.

It buffed to a beautiful soft luster! This is when I really fell hard for Graphite!

My client wasn't sure what hardware she preferred, so I left them off, but I did send her a pic with the original brass...

...or a pewter knob...

Of course if she goes with a knob the indents from the original hardware will have to be sanded out, but that's an easy fix. Why the manufacturer had to screw them on so tightly as to leave a permanent mark in the wood is beyond me!

And here is the bed after the dark wax...

Beautiful detail...

A whole new look!

I must give a shout out to Robin of RPK Interiors! After seeing this post on her blog featuring a beautiful vintage buffet she painted Graphite, I emailed her with some questions. She was kind enough to talk me off the ledge share with me her tips and tricks of painting with graphite to get a beautiful finish and I can't thank her enough! She was so gracious in following up with me when I pestered her with more questions. After all, isn't that what this whole blogging community is about? Lending a helping hand when needed and cheering one another on?! Thanks again Robin for holding my hand! Much appreciated!

And thank you also to Tabatha of {ChicBy Tab}for featuring my table on her Wednesday link party.

Go pay each of these gals a visit and be inspired by their beautiful projects!

This same client has a table we will be painting in a pretty blue inspired by a Pottery Barn pillow! Can't wait to get started!

Stay tuned....

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring At The Front Door!

Well, I must say it's nice to see the weather change a little. I do mean a little! There were snow flurries again last night and today we are holding steady at 30 degrees. Really? I could have sworn I was sweating walking the dog on Friday when it was 55!

I was so happy to be out and about with the sun shining all around that Spring fever got a hold of me and had me advertise it on my front door!

Nothing screams Spring more than a bunch of vibrantly yellow forsythia!

Stuffed into a french wall basket and hung on the door it is pure magic!

Here's to hoping Spring decides to come back and stick around for awhile!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Good For Me Goodwill Table!

I have been busy painting some more great Goodwill finds! As I posted on Facebook, "Be careful what you give away to Goodwill because people like me will come along and transform it!" That's exactly what I've been doing!

But before we get to that, I want to give a shout out to Marie from The Interior Frugalista and to Lisa from Shine Your Light for featuring my antique dresser makeover. They both have beautiful blogs and host great parties so pay them each a visit and link up your great projects!

I finally got around to or should I say finally was inspired to begin painting another Goodwill treasure! I was stumped as to what color I wanted this little lady to be. White is always safe, but I thought she needed something special.

Sorry for the less than perfect pic but this was taken on a sunny day with a LOT of snow outside! BLINDING!

The top was scratched and the poly top coat was a little crackled, (not in a good way) so I opted to sand just the top to bare wood.

Apparently there was some crazy filter on when I took this pic, but you get the idea. Bare wood.

After a LOT of thought and Pinterest stalking, I settled on ASCP French Linen with a Paris Grey wash.

But the real piece de resistance was the swipe of guilder's paste in German silver that I added to the top and to the curves under the bottom edge and down each leg!

Even though it says German silver, it is more of a light gold or champagne color. Very pretty!

I kept the original hardware but once again gave it a wash of French Linen and a touch of German silver guilder's paste.

What a difference!

I moved the table I had in here out of the way to "try her out". I must say, she fits right in!

I love the color. It changes from a light to a dark gray depending on the light.

This was my first time working with guilder's paste. I used just my finger to wipe it on. Nothing fancy about it other than the beautiful result!

You can be sure I will be using this combination again!

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend even if we did get cheated out of that one hour of sleep!

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