Thursday, January 30, 2014

Out of The Box

Are we really at the end of January already?

Time sure does fly...but that's a good thing this winter with all the freezing temps we've had across the country!

It's been a long winter!

I'm secretly hoping that Punxsutawney Phil DOES NOT see his shadow this year and we will be granted an early Spring.

Anybody else with me on that? I think we all deserve it!

Before I show you my latest project, I want to give a BIG thank you to Kathryn Of The Dedicated House for featuring the mirror in my post, Annie Cracks Me Up, on Make It Pretty Monday! It means a lot when someone takes notice of something you've worked hard on! Thanks Kathryn!

With the freezing temps, I have not really ventured out too much this past week. But I did pick up a paint brush!

I remembered a small shelf that was tucked away in a closet along with bags of clothes waiting to be donated.
I rescue cast-offs from Goodwill all the time. I might as well rescue stuff from my own closet!

I also remembered the small jar of custom blue paint I had mixed before the holiday's and I decided this shelf would be a great candidate for a little makeover.

Here is the blue I mixed

It reminded me a little of denim blue. In the picture you can see clear wax on the left and dark wax on the right.

In my excitement to get painting, I forgot to take pictures of the before. Sorry. Just picture a yellow pine shelf from Pottery Barn. That's where it's from ...bought about 12 years ago.

I wanted to do something a little different so I hand painted the design with Old White. I started out with painting a design on just the two little drawers in front but then decided it needed something more so I added the "broken line" around the edges and on the shelves.

I definitely went "out of the box" on this one! I am not an artist!

Hand painting anything does not come naturally, but I had fun!

AND I am not a stylist! But when I thought of taking pictures of this little shelf, I thought about how cute it would look set up for breakfast!

It would look just as cute with trophy's or cars or doll's!

 I did not distress with any sanding and I only used clear wax.

During the process, pieces really do speak to you if you listen.

Tarnished anything always looks good!

I even re-purposed a Lenox cigarette holder into a place to hold the coffee spoons!

I must say I am proud of how this turned out!

It's good to step out of the box!

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  1. Oh my word, this is just adorable. I love how you painted this piece and the design is fabulous. What a great shelf and I really love the vignette too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  2. I love the free hand design on the drawers! It's the perfect touch for this darling little bookshelf!


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