Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back In Black!

Popping in with a quick hello and my latest project!

I was juggling a client project and my youngest daughter coming home for Spring break last week. Somehow I managed to satisfy both thanks to my motherly talents of time management! I've had lots of practice juggling schedules over the years!

After a few days of shopping and eating, I was able to get back on track and finish up painting my client's king size four poster bed and two nightstands.

My client settled on ASCP Graphite and she is thrilled with how they turned out. What's even better is her husband loves them just as much. I think he was a little skeptical. You know, the whole painting wood thing, but once he saw them last night, he was happy. Of course my client and I set the bed back up in their bedroom to ease into the transition. When he came home, the bed and nightstands were already in place and looking fabulous!

I get so excited when I begin painting, I sometimes forget to take before pics and that is the case here. Sorry. I did however remember just as I started painting the nightstands. The set was Thomasville in a cherry finish. We've all seen that. Twenty plus years of use and it was time for a new look.

Here is a pic of the nightstand. Its upside down because that's how I usually begin painting.

You can see I had already started in with the Graphite when I remembered to take a pic. Oops!

 Nice traditional cherry furniture. Well made, but looking a little tired and in need of a change.

Here is the headboard. I painted it in her garage on a chilly day. Can't wait for Spring! Oh, wait a minute! It IS Spring!

This is before applying the dark wax. On its own, it is a beautiful charcoal color!

A beautiful dark gray.At times it looked blue as I was painting.

And here is the night stand after applying the dark wax. I don't bother with clear wax first when waxing over graphite.

It buffed to a beautiful soft luster! This is when I really fell hard for Graphite!

My client wasn't sure what hardware she preferred, so I left them off, but I did send her a pic with the original brass...

...or a pewter knob...

Of course if she goes with a knob the indents from the original hardware will have to be sanded out, but that's an easy fix. Why the manufacturer had to screw them on so tightly as to leave a permanent mark in the wood is beyond me!

And here is the bed after the dark wax...

Beautiful detail...

A whole new look!

I must give a shout out to Robin of RPK Interiors! After seeing this post on her blog featuring a beautiful vintage buffet she painted Graphite, I emailed her with some questions. She was kind enough to talk me off the ledge share with me her tips and tricks of painting with graphite to get a beautiful finish and I can't thank her enough! She was so gracious in following up with me when I pestered her with more questions. After all, isn't that what this whole blogging community is about? Lending a helping hand when needed and cheering one another on?! Thanks again Robin for holding my hand! Much appreciated!

And thank you also to Tabatha of {ChicBy Tab}for featuring my table on her Wednesday link party.

Go pay each of these gals a visit and be inspired by their beautiful projects!

This same client has a table we will be painting in a pretty blue inspired by a Pottery Barn pillow! Can't wait to get started!

Stay tuned....

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  1. Hi!
    I LOVE LOVE it!! Could you kindly email me and tell me a little more about the wax and steps you did?! I love painting furniture for my own house, but have never tried this method.
    You are INSIPRING!!!

  2. Kathleen! You are so sweet to give me a mention! You must know it was my pleasure to help offer suggestions to a fellow DIYer? You are so correct in saying "After all, isn't that what this whole blogging community is about? Lending a helping hand when needed and cheering one another on?!" That is just what I hoped my blog could be and your response has made it so! You have made my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Hi! I absolutely love the end result you got! Could you please please email me the tips you learned! Thanks so much!!

  4. Kathleen,
    We have a California King, two dressers & an armoire so similar to this. The exact color and very similar design. I was searching through Pinterest for how to update our look before we move in a few weeks and this is exactly what I was looking for! If you have a chance to email me just a few more details about the paint and steps you took I would sooo appreciate it!

  5. So thrilled with the four post bed - was just putting together a post for craigslist to sell mine and now I don't want to. I know this is an older post but it's the Graphite that I love. As others have asked, do you have more details about the steps I should do? My email address is

  6. Hi Kathleen, We also have a Cal King (Ethan Allen) poster bed. Like the others above I would love to receive an email with your sanding, painting and wax tips and material suggestions. Thanks!

  7. I just finished an old worm out dresser in cinnamon brown chalk paint. not sure what and how I want to finish it. your piece looks amazing would that go well over a brown chalk paint


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