Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mission Gallery Wall Complete!

A  few years ago, I had created a gallery wall in my family room that you can see here and here. I have always enjoyed it, but there were two empty spaces that I had trouble filling. I didn't know whether to add more pictures or did it need something else? I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I just ignored it!

Every time I looked at it, which was daily, I could hear the wall whisper, "Psst! Hey...YOU! Notice anything wrong with me? I'm not fully dressed!"

I even ignored the wall talking to me!

I'm pathetic!

For 2 years it has had two spots missing teeth.

Well two weeks ago, I remembered a star burst mirror I had bought at Target that originally had a dark brown finish that I transformed to an antique gold with a little Rub N Buff. I ran upstairs grabbed it and tried it out on the gallery wall. It fit perfectly and I liked it! For the other empty spot, I borrowed our family initial that was in the kitchen and voila! In less then 10 minutes I had finally finished the gallery wall! It only took me two years! I told you I was pathetic!

Here she is!!!

I also replaced the giant hurricane candle holders on either side with these lamps. I like it so much better!

The lamps add much needed light to this end of the room and it feels a little cozier when they are on.

It even forced me to remove the plaid wool blankets and plaid pillows I had in the basket under the table. Bring on Spring!

It feels good to check something off my list!

What have you been procrastinating with?

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  1. It looks beautiful! I like that you added that gold mirror and the letter M, they break up the space nicely and add further visual interest.

  2. That is a stunning wall, it looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog! I'm a new follower,

  3. That is really pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    I am visiting from Sherry-The Charm of Home. I truly love your wall of photo! My daughter just got married and I have the perfect wall for all the wedding photos, you have given me inspiration on how to make the wall look pretty. I am a follower of your beautiful blog.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  5. This is beautiful. So glad Courtney featured it. I love a good gallery wall.

  6. Oh my goodness. That looks fabulous! Don't feel bad about it taking some time...I'm slow sometimes too. It's just that we really have to think things through. :)

  7. Yes, it took you two years but you did a fabulous job with this great gallery wall! It looks elegant and perfect with the long side table and the two lamps. I love it! I saw you featured at Sherry's, Home Sweet Home.
    Have a nice Mother's Day!

  8. Kathleen your wall turned out amazing!

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